Viva Mexico :)-Things to do

My first time to Mexico, I had a blast. One of the best vacations I had been on, nothing but good vibes, good energy, and meeting new people. I had went to celebrate a friends birthday which coincidentally was the same time for Spring Break, so you know we had the time of our lives.


We stayed at the JW Marriott which was about 20-30 mins from the airport. Also was on the long strip of hotels and wasn’t far from downtown. The hospitality was great there and they attended to our needs. What really excited me was that when I bought a floaty at the gift shop they offered to blow it up for me right then and there.


The night life was non stop but that was to be expected for Spring Break. They have a main bus that goes downtown and it only cost 1 USD, so that was our means of transportation to get to our parties or just when we wanted to explore Cancun.

La Vaquita was one of the clubs we went to. It was cow themed but the music was current, drinks were cheap, and the atmosphere was friendly. Everyone was just out enjoying themselves. A few other places we went to that was good as well were Fat Tuesday, Senior Frogs, and Congo. Congo is directly across the street from La Vaquita and the price to get in those were around $40. There were many promoters out there selling tickets so you can always negotiate a price for a group. Everyday was eventful, so now to go back again in June I am very excited.

I am going for a wedding so the turn up will be different but in Cancun you can never go wrong, it will be a turn up either way. I will be stay at the Riu Cancun and plan on doing more adventure activities. I would recommend to search around from early to find a good hotel rate and make sure you track your flight and purchase at least three months in advance for the best rate.

They have the regular tours for ATV, snorkeling, zip lining etc. But I specifically am interested in Jet Pack which range from $78-$120 for about 30 minutes and also this thing called The Sea Breacher experience. That cost around $170 but its a different experience, you are enclosed in a dolphin shape space ship that goes up to 55 mph across the water and goes under water and do tricks. You basically get to feel like a dolphin

The Sea Breacher
The Sea Breacher

in a sense. I’ve done the jet ski, parasailing, and snorkeling before so I’m looking forward to something new. The best place to book these I would say is tripadvisor or

Can’t wait. So stay tuned 🙂